Children with Disabilities Scholarship Grant

Applications for the Disabilities Grant open on May 1st. Want to know if you might qualify?

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Understanding the Children
with Disabilities Scholarship Grant


This program allows families to be reimbursed up to $8,000 ($4,000 per semester) for approved educational expenses for their child with special needs. Often these expenses include private school tuition, tutoring, and other therapeutic services. The amount is determined by qualifying expenses, not a family’s income level.

For families who choose to send their child to a private school, they may apply the tuition payment directly to the school in lieu of it being a reimbursable expense if the school is a participating school.

Download the Children with Disabilities Grant Scholarship Flyer HERE.

Already think you're eligible, be sure to fill out a Disabilities Grant application with the North Carolina Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) here.