YOU'RE INVITED: STUDENTS WITH special Scholarship eventS

Learn about North Carolina’s first-ever Education Savings Accounts, designed to provide $9,000 for educational expenses for students with special needs. Register to attend an event in 1 of 3 locations by clicking below:

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Thursday, November 9th

5:30 - 6:30 pm

UNCW's Fisher Student Center

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High Point

Thursday, November 16th

5:30 - 6:30 pm

The Piedmont School

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Monday, November 20th

6:00 - 7:00 pm

Nature Research Center


Special Needs Education Savings Account

North Carolina has long been a leader in educational options for families. Despite all of our accomplishments, from public charter school growth to scholarships for low-income families and children with disabilities – there is more that can be done! There are families who remain on the waitlist for the current Children with Disabilities Grant and even more students with disabilities who may need access to another option to meet their educational needs.

Exceptional Education for Exceptional Children is the grassroots campaign in support of North Carolina’s first ever Education Savings Account established during the 2017 Legislative Sesssion. The Special Needs ESA will provide financial resources to families with exceptional children of their own.


Liz and Libby's Story

Meet Liz Bradford and her eight-year-old daughter Libby who live in Durham. Liz wants the best education she can get for Libby, and that's led her to find an alternative option in private school. But without help from state scholarship programs like the Education Savings Account, she won't be able to enroll Libby in the right school for her, full time. Hear from Liz as she shares her hope that Libby will finally receive an appropriate education in a school whose staff deeply loves and cares for her.


Take a few minutes to learn more about what this new program could do for you and your child and join our team to ensure every child receives an exceptional education in North Carolina!